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indomcachectl - Man Page

manage instance domain cache files


$PCP_BINADM_DIR/indomcachectl [-w] -l indom

$PCP_BINADM_DIR/indomcachectl [-w] [-m mode] [-g group] [-u user] indom


indomcachectl assists in the management of the Instance Domain cache files that are stored in $PCP_VAR_DIR/config/pmda.

The mandatory indom parameter uses a 2-dotted format to specify the domain and serial fields of the instance domain number. The required values can be reported for a particular metric using the -d option to pminfo(1).

The list of available options can be retrieved using the -?/--help option, which displays a usage message and exits.

If the -l/--list option is specified the contents of the instance domain cache file are dumped on stdout and indomcachectl exits.

Otherwise an empty instance domain cache file will be created. The user ownership of the created file is assigned to the uid of the caller, but may optionally assigned to the uid of user from the passwd(5) file if the -u/--user option is specified. The group ownership of the created file is assigned to the gid of the caller, else the default gid of the user user if the -u option is specified, else the gid of group from the group(5) file if the -g/--group option is specified.

The instance domain cache file is created with mode 0660 by default (some PMDAs use group read-write permission to access and update the contents of the file) - if this does not suit the -m/--mode option may be used to set the mode to the (octal) value mode.

Because the indom cache files are precious to the associated PMDA indomcachectl will not over-write an existing indom cache file.

Operation is usually silent, except for errors (or warnings if the -w/--warning option is used). The exit status is 0 for success, 1 for failure.

Other Management Options

The files in $PCP_VAR_DIR/config/pmda are all text files (one per cached instance domain) so judicious surgery may be used to make changes or even remove the files in extreme cases provided the PMDA is not executing.

Here is an example for the instance domain number 60.17 that is associated with the network.interface.* metrics.

$ cat /var/lib/pcp/config/pmda/60.17
2 0 2147483647
0 1712727825 ens33
1 1712727825 virbr0
2 1712727825 lo

The first line is a magic header, do not change it. Following that is one line per instance with the instance identifier (an integer) in the first field, some magic in the second field (do not change this) and the external instance name in the third field.

See Also

PCPIntro(1), chmod(1), pminfo(1), PMAPI(3), PMDA(3), pmdaCache(3), group(5) and passwd(5).


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