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incus.launch - Man Page

Create and start instances from images


incus launch [:] [:][] [flags]


 Create and start instances from images


-c, --config=[] Config key/value to apply to the new instance``

--console[=""] Immediately attach to the console``

-d, --device=[] New key/value to apply to a specific device``

--empty[=false] Create an empty instance

-e, --ephemeral[=false] Ephemeral instance

-n, --network="" Network name``

--no-profiles[=false] Create the instance with no profiles applied

-p, --profile=[] Profile to apply to the new instance``

-s, --storage="" Storage pool name``

--target="" Cluster member name``

-t, --type="" Instance type``

--vm[=false] Create a virtual machine

Options Inherited from Parent Commands

--debug[=false] Show all debug messages

--force-local[=false] Force using the local unix socket

-h, --help[=false] Print help

--project="" Override the source project``

-q, --quiet[=false] Don't show progress information

--sub-commands[=false] Use with help or --help to view sub-commands

-v, --verbose[=false] Show all information messages

--version[=false] Print version number


  incus launch images:ubuntu/22.04 u1

  incus launch images:ubuntu/22.04 u1 < config.yaml
      Create and start a container with configuration from config.yaml

  incus launch images:ubuntu/22.04 u2 -t aws:t2.micro
      Create and start a container using the same size as an AWS t2.micro (1 vCPU, 1GiB of RAM)

  incus launch images:ubuntu/22.04 v1 --vm -c limits.cpu=4 -c limits.memory=4GiB
      Create and start a virtual machine with 4 vCPUs and 4GiB of RAM

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