implantisomd5 - Man Page

implant an MD5 checksum in an ISO9660 image


implantisomd5 [--force]  [--supported-iso]  [isofilename]


This manual page documents briefly the implantisomd5 command. implantisomd5 is a program that embeds an MD5 checksum in an unused section of and ISO9660 (.iso) image.  This checksum can later be compared to the .iso, or a block device, using the corresponding checkisomd5 command.



Force an existing checksum to be overwritten.


Indicate that the image will be written to a "supported" media, such as pressed CD.  On Red Hat-based Anaconda installers, this bypasses the prompt to check the CD.

See Also

checkisomd5 (1).

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