imageinfo man page

imageinfo ‐ display selected image information


imageinfo [--help] [--version] [--format] [--fmtdscr] [--size] [--depth] [--geom] [--width] [--height] [--iccname] [--iccfile=file] [--iccmd5] [--md5hash] [--sha256hash] imagefile


imageinfo computes and displays selected image attributes. It is similar in function to the ImageMagick identify utility, but provides a few additional attributes (such as details of embedded ICC profiles), and allows command line selection of the attributes to be computed, avoiding unnecessary computation and and allowing easier parsing of results when this utility is called from a script.


imageinfo accepts the following options:

Display help message
Display imageinfo version
Display image format
Display image format description
Display image size
Display bit depth
Display image geometry
Display image width
Display image height
Display ICC profile name
Save ICC profile to file
Display MD5 hash of ICC profile
Display MD5 hash of image
Display SHA-256 hash of image

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Brendt Wohlberg <>


16 July 2007