image2xy - Man Page

Source extractor.


image2xy [options] fitsname.fits


Read a FITS file, find objects, and write out X, Y, FLUX to fitsname.xy.fits.


-e extension

Read from a single FITS extension


Overwrite existing output file.

-o file

Write XYlist to given filename.

-L order

Lanczos order


Don't use optimization for byte (u8) images.


Downsample by a factor of 2 before running simplexy.

-d factor

Downsample by an integer factor before running simplexy.

-D factor

Downsample, if necessary, by this many factors of two.

-s scale

Set median-filter box size (default 100 pixels)

-w width

Set Gaussian PSF sigma (default 1 pixel)

-g sigma

Set image noise level

-p significance

Set significance level of peaks in sigmas (default 8 sigmas)

-a saddle

Set "saddle" level joining peaks i sigmas (default 5 sigmas)

-P plane

Pull out a single plane of a multi-color image (default: first plane)


Don't do (median-based) background subtraction

-G background

Subtract this 'global' background value; implies -b


Set maximum extended object size for deblending (default 2000 pixels)

-S file

Save background-subtracted image to this filename (FITS float image)

-B file

Save background image to filename

-U file

Save smoothed background-subtracted image to filename

-M file

Save mask image to filename

-C file

Save connected-components image to filename


Verbose. repeat for more and more verboseness

image2xy 'file.fits[1]'

Process first extension.

image2xy 'file.fits[2]'

Process second extension

image2xy file.fits+2

Same as above


The team. Principal investigators are David W. Hogg (NYU) and Dustin Lang (CMU).

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