ifuse man page

ifuse — Mount directories of an iOS device locally using fuse.


ifuse MOUNTPOINT [Options]


Mount directories of an iOS device locally using fuse. By default the media directory is mounted, options allow to also mount the sandbox container of an app, an app's documents folder or even the root filesystem on jailbroken devices.


$ ifuse /media/iPhone --root

This mounts the root filesystem of the first attached device on this computer in the directory /media/iPhone.

Regular users are able to unmount fuse mounts using "fusermount -u MOUNTPOINT".


-o opt,[opt...]
mount options.
-u, --uuid UUID
mount specific device by its 40-digit device UUID.
-h, --help
prints usage information.
-V, --version
print version.
-d, --debug
enable libimobiledevice communication debugging.
--documents APPID
mount 'Documents' folder of app identified by APPID.
--container APPID
mount sandbox root of an app identified by APPID.
mount root file system (jailbroken device required).


Julien Lavergne (man page)

Martin Szulecki

Matt Colyer

Nikias Bassen

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