idevicediagnostics - Man Page

Interact with the diagnostics interface of a device.


idevicediagnostics [Options] COMMAND


Interact with the diagnostics interface of a device which allows one to retrieve all kinds of information including diagnostics data, mobilegestalt data, remote access to the IORegistry and certain commands like restart, shutdown and sleep. Only available for iOS 4 and later. Accessing IORegistry is only supported on iOS 5 and later.


-u,  --udid UDID

target specific device by UDID.

-n,  --network

connect to network device.

-d,  --debug

enable communication debugging.

-h,  --help

prints usage information.

-v,  --version

prints version information.


diagnostics [TYPE]

print diagnostics information from device optionally by TYPE. This includes "All", "WiFi", "GasGauge" or "NAND". Default is "All".

mobilegestalt KEY [...]

print values of mobilegestalt keys passed as arguments after the command and  separated by a space.

ioreg [PLANE]

print IORegistry of device, optionally by PLANE like "IODeviceTree", "IOPower"
or "IOService". Only available on iOS 5 and later.


shutdown device


restart device


put device into sleep mode which also disconnects it from the host.


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