idevicedebugserverproxy - Man Page

Remote debugging proxy.


idevicedebugserverproxy [Options] [PORT]


Proxy a debugserver connection from a device for remote debugging. After starting up, clients can connect to PORT and communicate with the remote debugserver using the LLVM remote serial debugging protocol. Thus connecting using LLDB or a LLVM based gdb to this port would allow remote debugging. The developer disk image needs to be mounted for this service to be available.


-u,  --udid UDID

target specific device by UDID.

-n,  --network

connect to network device.

-l,  --lldb

Enable lldb support.

-d,  --debug

enable communication debugging.

-h,  --help

prints usage information.

-v,  --version

prints version information.



The port under which the proxy should listen for connections from clients. If omitted, the next available port will be used and printed to stdout.


Martin Szulecki

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