id3v2 - Man Page

Adds/Modifies/Removes/Views id3v2 tags, converts/lists id3v1 tags


id3v2 [ OPTION ] [ FILE ]


-h, --help

Display help and exit

-f, --list-frames

Display all possible frames for id3v2

-L, --list-genres

Lists all id3v1 genres

-v, --version

Display version information and exit

-l, --list

Lists the tag(s) on the file(s)

-R, --list-rfc822

Lists using an rfc822-style format for output

-d, --delete-v2

Deletes id3v2 tags

-s, --delete-v1

Deletes id3v1 tags

-D, --delete-all

Deletes both id3v1 and id3v2 tags

-C, --convert

Converts id3v1 tag to id3v2

-a, --artist ARTIST

Set the artist information

-A, --album ALBUM

Set the album title information

-t, --song SONG

Set the song title information


Set the comment information

-g, --genre num

Set the genre number

-y, --year num

Set the year

-T, --track num/num

Set the track number/(optional) total tracks

See Also

id3tag(1), id3info(1), id3convert(1)


id3v2 is by myers <> with major portions used from id3lib examples. Manual page written for Debian GNU/Linux by Robert Woodcock <>.

Referenced By

id3convert(1), id3cp(1), id3info(1), id3tag(1).

May 2000 User Command