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id - Man Page

print real and effective user and group IDs

Examples (TL;DR)


id [OPTION]... [USER]...


Print user and group information for each specified USER, or (when USER omitted) for the current process.


ignore, for compatibility with other versions

-Z,  --context

print only the security context of the process

-g,  --group

print only the effective group ID

-G,  --groups

print all group IDs

-n,  --name

print a name instead of a number, for -ugG

-r,  --real

print the real ID instead of the effective ID, with -ugG

-u,  --user

print only the effective user ID

-z,  --zero

delimit entries with NUL characters, not whitespace;

not permitted in default format


display this help and exit


output version information and exit

Without any OPTION, print some useful set of identified information.


Written by Arnold Robbins and David MacKenzie.

Reporting Bugs

GNU coreutils online help: <https://www.gnu.org/software/coreutils/>
Report any translation bugs to <https://translationproject.org/team/>

See Also

Full documentation <https://www.gnu.org/software/coreutils/id>
or available locally via: info '(coreutils) id invocation'

Referenced By

credentials(7), modulefile(5), newgrp(1), qaxbase.3qt(3), sg(1), strace(1).

July 2024 GNU coreutils 9.5