iconvert man page


iconvert -- copy images with format conversions and other alterations


Usage:  iconvert [options] inputfile outputfile
 or:  iconvert --inplace [options] file...


This program is part of the OpenImageIO (http://www.openimageio.org) tool suite. Detailed documentation is avaliable in pdf format with the OpenImageIO distribution.


Print help message
Verbose status messages
--threads %d
Number of threads (default 0 = #cores)
-d %s
Set the output data format to one of:uint8, sint8, uint10, uint12, uint16, sint16, half, float, double
-g %f
Set gamma correction (default = 1)
--tile %d %d
Output as a tiled image
Output as a scanline image
--compression %s
Set the compression method (default = same as input)
--quality %d
Set the compression quality, 1-100
Do not use ImageOutput copy_image functionality (dbg)
Adjust file times to match DateTime metadata
--caption %s
Set caption (ImageDescription)
--keyword %s
Add a keyword
Clear keywords
--attrib %s %s
Set a string attribute (name, value)
--orientation %d
Set the orientation
Rotate 90 deg clockwise
Rotate 90 deg counter-clockwise
Rotate 180 deg
Do operations in place on images
This file is in sRGB color space
Force planarconfig separate
Force planarconfig contig
Do no overwrite existing files


04 January 2017 OpenImageIO