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icmd - Man Page

Rename or copy a file by editing the destination name using GNU readline.


imv [OPTION] FILE...

icp [OPTION] FILE...


This manual page document describes the icmd, imv, and icp commands.

imv is a program to interactively rename a single file. It does this by allowing the file name to be edited inline with GNU readline. This is very similar to using mv(1) and editing the filename on the shell command-line, with one exception - the filename does not have to be typed twice.

The imv program normally executes mv(1) to do the actual renaming. This can however be changed with the --command option.

icp is identical to imv except that a file is copied with cp(1) instead. Both these commands are symbolic links to the icmd command.


These programs follow the usual GNU command line syntax, with long options starting with two dashes (`-').

All options except those listed below are passed to either mv, cp or the command specified by --command.


Specify command to run instead of the default `mv' or `cp'. You do not need to specify the directory name of FILE if FILE is found in the current path (as set by the $PATH environment variable).

It is assumed that the command specified accepts the same set of long and short options that require an argument as mv or cp. If not, you should specify those options with --arg-options (see below). Also note that --arg-options is not needed as long as you specify option and option value in a single word, like `--suffix=bak' instead of `--suffix bak' when passing extra options to mv via imv.


Specify what comma-separated options for mv, cp, or the command specified with --command require an argument. Options may be short (e.g. -S) as well as long (e.g. --suffix). The default list for mv is `t,S,reply,suffix,target-directory', and the list for cp is `t,S,Z,no-preserve,sparse,suffix,context,target-directory'. (These lists are complete and correct for GNU Coreutils 5.97.)

This list is necessary because icmd needs to know what arguments specified on the command line are files to move/copy, or option values (following an option).


Run mv/cp (or the command specified with --command) if two or more arguments are specified. This way imv/icp can be used as an alias for mv/cp (see below).


Show summary of options.


Output version information and exit.


Using imv as a Bash alias for mv:
alias mv=imv --pass-through -i

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to <oskar@osk.mine.nu>.

See Also

mv(1), cp(1)


The author of renameutils and this manual page is Oskar Liljeblad <oskar@osk.mine.nu>.

Referenced By


The man page icp(1) is an alias of icmd(1).

December 1, 2007 icmd (renameutils)