icewm-menu-xrandr - Man Page

IceWM menu provider for multi-monitor setup shortcuts




icewm-menu-xrandr is a helper to manage multi-screen configurations in a semi-automated way. It is a regular icewm menu generator which dynamically detects the available xrandr screens (i.e. connected monitors) and creates menu entries that call the xrandr command to setup this configuration.

Optionally, the contents of the generated configurations can be accessed on-the-fly through a “quick-switch” style menu which pops up upon pressing Super-P key binding (or a manually configured key, see icewm-keys(5) for the configuration of switchkey directive).



Instead of using the preferred mode and refresh rate of each monitor (xrandr's --auto option), identify and use the modes with the highest bandwidth usage (i.e. usually the ones with the highest resolution and refresh rate). This behaviour is also enabled by creating the file $HOME/.cache/xrandrmenu.max which would also effect the monitor quick-switch menu.

See Also

icewm(1), xrandr(1).


Please report bugs at <>.


Eduard Bloch <>.


icewm-menu-xrandr is licensed under the Simplified BSD License. IceWM is licensed under the GNU Library General Public License. See the COPYING file in the distribution.

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2022-01-01 icewm 2.9.4