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icewm-menu-fdo - Man Page


 icewm-menu-fdo - menu generator for .desktop files


icewm-menu-fdo [OPTIONS] [FILENAME]


icewm-menu-fdo generates a menu for the IceWM window manager from XDG menu descriptors (aka FreeDesktop.Org .desktop files). By including this in the icewm-menu(1), the system applications become available in the icewm start menu.



The optional FILENAME argument is the location of a .desktop file. When given, icewm-menu-fdo launches the application using the Exec line from the desktop file.


-g,  --generic

Include the generic name in parentheses in the title of prog entries.


Print a leading and a trailing separator.


Print a leading separator.


Print a trailing separator.


Don't print the Other category last.


Don't nest subcategories in submenus.

-o, --output=FILE

Write the output to FILE.

-t, --terminal=NAME

Use NAME to start a terminal emulator that supports the '-e' option.


Display apps from all categories in one level with the title containing the category information as prefix.

-F sep, --flat-sep=sep

When used with --flat, the specified character sequence is used as separator between the section titles.

-m filter, --match=filter

Specifies a filter to show only apps that contain this as substring within their title.

-M filter, --imatch=filter

Like --match but applied with any letter case.


Apply the filter from --match or --imatch to both, apps and section titles.


Apply the filter from --match or --imatch to only to section titles.

-h,  --help

Print a brief usage statement to stdout and exit.

-V,  --version

Print the program version to stdout and exit.

-C,  --copying

Print copying permissions to stdout for the program and exit.


This utility is not normally used directly. It is used as the executable in a menuprog entry in a icewm-menu(5).


The following line in a icewm-menu(5) file will dynamically generate a comprehensive set of menus for easy access to .desktop files.

    menuprog "Desktop Apps" folder icewm-menu-fdo


XDG_DATA_HOME or XDG_DATA_DIRS are considered as suggested by XDG Base Directory Specification.

TERMINAL may define a terminal emulator that supports the '-e' option.


icewm-menu-fdo complies roughly to the XDG .desktop file and menu specification, see "Desktop Entry Specification", Version 1.2alpha, 2015-03-06 and "Desktop Menu Specification", Version 1.1-draft, 31 March 2011.


The icewm-menu-fdo program is only built when the icewm(1) package is configured with the --enable-menus-fdo option, which requires the glib2-dev package dependency.


Base Directory Specification, Desktop Entry Specification, Desktop Menu Specification, icewm(1), icewm-menu(5), icewm-preferences(5), icewm-programs(5).


Please report bugs at <https://github.com/bbidulock/icewm/issues>.


Eduard Bloch <mailto:edi@gmx.de>.

See --copying for full copyright notice and copying permissions.


IceWM is licensed under the GNU Library General Public License. See the COPYING file in the distribution or use the --copying flag to display copying permissions.

Referenced By

icewm(1), icewm-menu(5), icewm-programs(5), icewm-toolbar(5).

2024-06-16 icewm 3.6.0