icehelp - Man Page

a very simple HTML browser


icehelp [Options] FILENAME


icehelp is a very simple HTML browser, which is used by icewm(1) to display the IceWM Manual and the manpages.

The document can be navigated by cursor keys, navigation keys and a scrollbar. To find text, hit Ctrl+F for a search window. Hit the F3 function key to repeat a search.

The top right corner shows a button, which opens a menu. This menu can also be opened by a right mouse button click.



Specifies the file to browse.  It can also be the URL of a website.


Specific Options


Display the IceWM icewmbg manpage.

-b,  --bugs

Display the IceWM bug reports (primitively).

-f,  --faq

Display the IceWM FAQ and Howto.


Display the IceWM Github website.

-i,  --icewm

Display the IceWM icewm manpage.

-m,  --manual

Display the IceWM Manual (default).


Display the IceWM icesound manpage.

-t,  --theme

Display the IceWM themes Howto.

-w,  --website

Display the IceWM website.

General Options

-d,  --display=DISPLAY

Use DISPLAY to connect to the X server. If this option is missing then DISPLAY is read from the environment variable DISPLAY.


Use a slower synchronous mode communication with X11 server.

-h,  --help

Print a brief usage statement to stdout and exit.

-V,  --version

Print the program version to stdout and exit.

-C,  --copying

Print copying permissions to stdout for the program and exit.


Please report bugs at <>.


Brian Bidulock <>.

See --copying for full copyright notice and copying permissions.


IceWM is licensed under the GNU Library General Public License. See the COPYING file in the distribution or use the --copying flag to display copying permissions.

Referenced By


2021-11-24 icewm 2.9.0