icehelp - Man Page

a very simple HTML browser


icehelp [Options] FILENAME


icehelp is a very simple HTML browser that displays the document specified on the command line.  It is used by icewm(1) internal to display the IceWM Manual and the manual pages.



Specifies the absolute or relative path (relative to the current working directory), that specifies the HTML file to browse. FILENAME may also be the URL of a website.


Specific Options


Display the IceWM icewmbg manpage.

-b,  --bugs

Display the IceWM bug reports (primitively).

-f,  --faq

Display the IceWM FAQ and Howto.


Display the IceWM Github website.

-i,  --icewm

Display the IceWM icewm manpage.

-m,  --manual

Display the IceWM Manual (default).


Display the IceWM icesound manpage.

-t,  --theme

Display the IceWM themes Howto.

-w,  --website

Display the IceWM website.

General Options

-d,  --display=DISPLAY

Use DISPLAY to connect to the X server. If this option is missing then DISPLAY is read from the environment variable DISPLAY.


Use a slower synchronous mode communication with X11 server.

-h,  --help

Print a brief usage statement to stdout and exit.

-V,  --version

Print the program version to stdout and exit.

-C,  --copying

Print copying permissions to stdout for the program and exit.


icehelp had no known bugs at the time of release.  Please report bugs for current versions to the source code repository at <>.


Brian Bidulock <>.

See --copying for full copyright notice and copying permissions.


IceWM is licensed under the GNU Library General Public License. See the COPYING file in the distribution or use the --copying flag to display copying permissions.

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2021-03-03 icewm 2.2.1 User Commands