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icedtea-web provides a Free Software web browser plugin running applets and an implementation of Web Start, originally based on the NetX project.

NetX allows applets and applications to be downloaded over the network, cached, and (by default) run in a secure sandbox environment. Subsequent runs of the applet download the latest version automatically. Update and security settings, among others, can be set using the itw-settings command.
icedtea-web no longer includes a plugin to enable applets ( within web browsers.

Names and email addresses of contributors to this project can be found in the file AUTHORS in the IcedTea-Web root directory.

The full GPLv2 license of this project can be found in the file COPYING in the IcedTea-Web root directory.

News about releases of this project can be found in the file NEWS in the IcedTea-Web root directory.


NetX features:


Easily add JNLP capabilities to an application.

Saves Memory

Launch programs in a shared JVM.

Fast startup

Runs applications from a cache for fast starting.


Run any application in a sandbox or log its activities.


Applications can auto-update without special code.

Network Deployment

Deploy to the internet, not with installers.

Open Source

GNU Lesser General Public License.

Visit the IcedTea project wiki ( or specifically the IcedTea-Web home ( pages for more information.
Help with common issues with IcedTea-Web can be found here ( .


A QuickStart ( guide for the IcedTea project is available on the wiki.

Code style ( guidelines and Eclipse setup ( instructions for IcedTea-Web are available as well. Patches should be accompanied by unit tests and reproducers ( before being sent to the mailing list (


There aren't any known bugs. If you come across one, please file it at:

Please run in debug (-verbose switch or itw-settings setting or ICEDTEAPLUGIN_DEBUG variable set to true) mode and include that output (best is from the console) with URL to jnlp or html file (or the jnlp/html file or  application itself) when filling out the bug report.


See Also

icedtea-web(1) javaws(1) icedtea-web-plugin(1) itweb-settings(1) policyeditor(1) policytool(1) java(1)

Referenced By

icedtea-web-plugin(1), itweb-settings(1), javaws.itweb(1), policyeditor(1).

26 Jan 2021 icedtea-web 2.0.0-alpha16