icecc-scheduler man page

icecc-scheduler — Icecream scheduler


icecc-scheduler [-d] [-l log-file] [-n net-name] [-p port] [-u user] [-v[v[v]]]


The Icecream scheduler is the central instance of an Icecream compile network. It distributes the compile jobs and provides the data for the monitors.


-d, --daemonize
Detach daemon from shell.
-h, --help
Print help message and exit.
-l, --log-file log-file
Name of file where log output is written to.
-n, --netname net-name
The name of the Icecream network the scheduler controls.
-p, --port port
IP port the scheduler uses.
-u, --user-uid user
Specifiy the system user used by the daemon, which must be different than ‘root’. If not specified, the daemon defaults to the ‘icecc’ system user if available, or ‘nobody’ if not.
-v, -vv, -vvv
Control verbosity of daemon. The more v the more verbose.

See Also

icecream(7), iceccd(1), icemon(1)


Cornelius Schumacher

Referenced By

icecc(1), icecc-create-env(1), iceccd(1), icecream(7).

April 21th, 2005