icecc-create-env - Man Page

Create an Icrecream environment tarball


icecc-create-env compiler-binary [--addfile file]...


icecc-create-env is an Icecream helper that creates a new .tar.gz archive with all the files (compiler, tools and libraries) needed to setup a build environment.

The resulting archive has a random file name like ddaea39ca1a7c88522b185eca04da2d8.tar.gz, which can then be renamed. See icecream(7) for more information on using the environment tarballs.

Note that in the usual case it is not necessary to invoke icecc-create-env manually, as it will be called automatically for the native compiler used whenever necessary.


--addfile file

Add file to the environment archive; can be specified multiple times.

See Also

icecream(7), icecc-scheduler(1), iceccd(1)


Pino Toscano


June 5rd, 2013