ice-gdb - Man Page


ice-gdb ā€” JTAG ICE frontend for avr-gdb
ice-insight ā€” JTAG ICE frontend for avr-insight


ice-gdb/ice-insight [--debugger debugger] [--capture] [--ignore-intr] [--external] [gdb_arguments]


ice-gdb (respectively ice-insight) starts avr-gdb (respectively avr-insight) and avarice to do on-chip debugging on Atmel AVR processors using their JTAG-based on-chip debug facilities, via the Atmel JTAG ICE pod.

The executable for the program being debugged is downloaded to the processor unless the --capture option is specified. A number of extra commands are available within gdb when started, see their description in New GDB Commands below. Restrictions on debugging with the JTAG ICE pod are discussed in more detail in Debugging with Jtag Ice below.

The arguments passed to avarice include the value of the AVARICE_ARGS environment variable. This is typically used to specify the serial port to which the JTAG ICE pod is connected by setting AVARICE_ARGS to "-j <serial port name>".


--debugger debugger_command

Specify a different debugger than avr-gdb (or avr-insight). This other debugger should behave similarly to gdb.


Don't download the executable being debugged to the mote, just interrupt the current program and assume that it matches the executable passed to ice-gdb. This is similar to "attaching" to a running program within gdb.


Pass the --ignore-intr option to avarice. The single-step commands in gdb (s, n) will then "step over" interrupt handlers (i.e., if an interrupt occurs, execution will resume for the duration of the interrupt).


Do not start avarice. Instead, avr-gdb will attempt to connect to an already running avarice on port localhost:6423.

New GDB Commands


Restart avarice.

ice-load filename

Download executable filename to the Atmel processor and start debugging it (this replaces the gdb load command).


Connect to a copy of avarice running on port localhost:6423.

Debugging with Jtag Ice

The JTAG ICE debugging environment has a few restrictions and changes:



Extra arguments to pass to avarice at startup.

See Also

gdb(1), insight(1).


On Windows, the ice-gdb and ice-insight commands only work in the cygwin environment. They do not work with the mingw environment.

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The man page ice-insight(1) is an alias of ice-gdb(1).

August 22, 2003