icc2ps - Man Page

little cms PostScript converter.


icc2ps [options]


lcms is a standalone CMM engine, which deals with the color management. It implements a fast transformation between ICC profiles. icc2ps is little cms PostScript converter.



Black point compensation (CRD only).

-i profile

Input profile: Generates Color Space Array (CSA).

-o profile

Output profile: Generates Color Rendering Dictionary(CRD).

-t <0,1,2,3>

Intent (0=Perceptual, 1=Colorimetric, 2=Saturation, 3=Absolute).


Do NOT generate resource name on CRD.


For suggestions, comments, bug reports etc. send mail to info@littlecms.com.

See Also

jpegicc(1), tifficc(1), icclink(1), icctrans(1), wtpt(1)


This manual page was written by Shiju p. Nair <shiju.p@gmail.com>, for the Debian project.

Referenced By

icclink(1), jpegicc(1), tifficc(1), wtpt(1).

September 30, 2004