ibdmtr man page

ibdmtr — Fabric Trace Route


ibdmtr [-v][-h] {-c <cbaling file>⎪-t <topo file>} -s <sm node name>
-p <sm port num> -d <comma-sep-dr-path>


This utility parses a cabling list or topology file describing the systems connections that make a fabric. Then it start following the direct route provided and print out the systems and nodes on the route.

ARGUMENTS Required arguments description.

-t--topology <file>

Topology file describing the network. See man ibdm-topology-file.

-c--cables <file>

Cabling list file. Following the line format:

<Sys1Type> <Sys1Name> <Port1Name> <Sys2Type> <Sys2Name> <Port2Name>

-s--sm-node <name>

The name of the SM node (not system). E.g. OSM/U1.

-p--port-num <num>

The number of the SM node port the SM is attached to

-d--dr-path <comm-sep-dr-path>

A list of ports to go out through



verbsoe mode


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Eitan Zahavi, Mellanox Technologies LTD, eitan@mellanox.co.il


IBDM 1.0 2008-06-16