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ibd2sdi - Man Page

InnoDB utility for extracting serialized dictionary information (SDI) from an InnoDB tablespace


ibd2sdi [options] file_name1 [file_name2 file_name3 ...]


ibd2sdi is a utility for extracting serialized dictionary information (SDI) from InnoDB tablespace files. SDI data is present in all persistent InnoDB tablespace files.

ibd2sdi can be run on file-per-table tablespace files (*.ibd files), general tablespace files (*.ibd files), system tablespace files (ibdata* files), and the data dictionary tablespace (mysql.ibd). It is not supported for use with temporary tablespaces or undo tablespaces.

ibd2sdi can be used at runtime or while the server is offline. During DDL operations, ROLLBACK operations, and undo log purge operations related to SDI, there may be a short interval of time when ibd2sdi fails to read SDI data stored in the tablespace.

ibd2sdi performs an uncommitted read of SDI from the specified tablespace. Redo logs and undo logs are not accessed.

Invoke the ibd2sdi utility like this:

ibd2sdi [options] file_name1 [file_name2 file_name3 ...]

ibd2sdi supports multi-file tablespaces like the InnoDB system tablespace, but it cannot be run on more than one tablespace at a time. For multi-file tablespaces, specify each file:

ibd2sdi ibdata1 ibdata2

The files of a multi-file tablespace must be specified in order of the ascending page number. If two successive files have the same space ID, the later file must start with the last page number of the previous file + 1.

ibd2sdi outputs SDI (containing id, type, and data fields) in JSON format. ibd2sdi Options

ibd2sdi supports the following options:


  1. jq
  2. MySQL Internals documentation

See Also

For more information, please refer to the MySQL Reference Manual, which may already be installed locally and which is also available online at http://dev.mysql.com/doc/.


Oracle Corporation (http://dev.mysql.com/).


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