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i.eb.hsebal01.1grass - Man Page

Computes sensible heat flux iteration SEBAL 01.


imagery, energy balance, soil moisture, evaporative fraction, SEBAL


i.eb.hsebal01 --help
i.eb.hsebal01 [-ac] netradiation=name soilheatflux=name aerodynresistance=name temperaturemeansealevel=name vapourpressureactual=name frictionvelocitystar=float  [row_wet_pixel=float]   [column_wet_pixel=float]   [row_dry_pixel=float]   [column_dry_pixel=float]  output=name  [--overwrite]  [--help]  [--verbose]  [--quiet]  [--ui]



Automatic wet/dry pixel (careful!)


Dry/Wet pixels coordinates are in image projection, not row/col


Allow output files to overwrite existing files


Print usage summary


Verbose module output


Quiet module output


Force launching GUI dialog


netradiation=name [required]

Name of instantaneous net radiation raster map [W/m2]

soilheatflux=name [required]

Name of instantaneous soil heat flux raster map [W/m2]

aerodynresistance=name [required]

Name of aerodynamic resistance to heat momentum raster map [s/m]

temperaturemeansealevel=name [required]

Name of altitude corrected surface temperature raster map [K]

vapourpressureactual=name [required]

Name of the actual vapour pressure (e_act) map [KPa]

frictionvelocitystar=float [required]

Value of the height independent friction velocity (u*) [m/s]
Default: 0.32407


Row value of the wet pixel


Column value of the wet pixel


Row value of the dry pixel


Column value of the dry pixel

output=name [required]

Name for output sensible heat flux raster map [W/m2]


i.eb.hsebal01 will calculate the sensible heat flux map (h0), given both maps of Net Radiation and soil Heat flux (Rn, g0) at instantaneous time, the surface roughness (z0m), a map of the altitude corrected temperature (t0dem), a point data of the frictional velocity (u*), a value of actual vapour pressure (ea[KPa]) and the (x,y) pairs for wet and dry pixels. Full process will need those:

(for time integration: i.evapo.time_integration)

i.eb.hsebal01 performs the computation of sensible heat flux [W/m2] after Bastiaanssen, 1995 in [1], used in this form in 2001 by [2]. Implemented in this code in [3].



[1] Bastiaanssen, W.G.M., 1995. Estimation of Land surface parameters by remote sensing under clear-sky conditions. PhD thesis, Wageningen University, Wageningen, The Netherlands. (PDF)

[2] Chemin Y., Alexandridis T.A., 2001. Improving spatial resolution of ET seasonal for irrigated rice in Zhanghe, China. Asian Journal of Geoinformatics. 5(1):3-11,2004.

[3] Alexandridis T.K., Cherif I., Chemin Y., Silleos N.G., Stavrinos E., Zalidis G.C. Integrated methodology for estimating water use in Mediterranean agricultural areas. Remote Sensing. 2009, 1, 445-465. (PDF)

[4] Chemin, Y., 2012. A Distributed Benchmarking Framework for Actual ET Models, in: Irmak, A. (Ed.), Evapotranspiration - Remote Sensing and Modeling. InTech. (PDF)

See Also

i.eb.soilheatflux, i.eb.evapfr


Yann Chemin, International Rice Research Institute, Los Banos, The Philippines.

Contact: Yann Chemin

Source Code

Available at: i.eb.hsebal01 source code (history)

Accessed: Tuesday May 14 13:41:40 2024

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