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hxprune - Man Page

remove marked elements from an HTML file


hxprune [ -c class ] [ -x ] [ file ]


hxprune removes specially marked elements (with their content and children) from an HTML file. By default it removes elements with a class attribute of "exclude". The class attribute is parsed as a whitespace-separated list of words and if one of those words is "exclude", the element is not copied to the output.


The following options are supported:

-c class

Specify a different class than "exclude".


Force output to be in XML-style, i.e., without short attributes and with a slash (/) to mark empty elements.

Referenced By

hxaddid(1), hxcite(1), hxcite-mkbib(1), hxcount(1), hxincl(1), hxindex(1), hxmkbib(1).

10 Jul 2011 7.x HTML-XML-utils