hwloc-assembler-remote man page

hwloc-assembler-remote — Assemble multiple remote host topologies


hwloc-assembler-remote [options] output.xml host1 host2 ...


--ssh <ssh>

Use the given ssh command (and options) to connect to remote hosts.

--lstopo-path <path>

Use the given path as the remote lstopo command when gathering remote topologies. By default, lstopo is taken from the PATH environment variable.

--lstopo-opts <opts>

Pass the given lstopo options when gathering remote topologies.


Display the resulting topology before exit.

-f --force

Ignore failure to load a remote host topology.


hwloc-assembler-remote is a frontend to hwloc-assembler. It takes care of retrieving the remote nodes' topologies before assembling them with hwloc-assembler.


To assemble three nodes topologies:

   $ hwloc-assembler-remote output.xml host1 host2 host3

To assemble the topology of a multi-process MPI job defined as a machinefile:

   $ hwloc-assembler-remote output.xml `cat machinefile | sort | uniq`

Return Value

Upon successful execution, hwloc-assembler-remote returns 0.

hwloc-assembler-remote will return nonzero if any kind of error occurs, such as (but not limited to) failure to parse the command line.

See Also

hwloc(7), lstopo(1), hwloc-assembler(1)

Referenced By


Sep 06, 2017 1.11.8 hwloc