hugo-gen-autocomplete - Man Page

Generate shell autocompletion script for Hugo


hugo gen autocomplete [flags]


Generates a shell autocompletion script for Hugo.

NOTE: The current version supports Bash only.
     This should work for *nix systems with Bash installed.

By default, the file is written directly to /etc/bash_completion.d for convenience, and the command may need superuser rights, e.g.:

$ sudo hugo gen autocomplete

Add --completionfile=/path/to/file flag to set alternative file-path and name.

Logout and in again to reload the completion scripts, or just source them in directly:

$ . /etc/bash_completion


--completionfile="/etc/bash_completion.d/" autocompletion file

-h, --help[=false] help for autocomplete

--type="bash" autocompletion type (currently only bash supported)

Options Inherited from Parent Commands

--config="" config file (default is path/config.yaml|json|toml)

--configDir="config" config dir

--debug[=false] debug output

-e, --environment="" build environment

--ignoreVendor[=false] ignores any _vendor directory

--ignoreVendorPaths="" ignores any _vendor for module paths matching the given Glob pattern

--log[=false] enable Logging

--logFile="" log File path (if set, logging enabled automatically)

--quiet[=false] build in quiet mode

-s, --source="" filesystem path to read files relative from

--themesDir="" filesystem path to themes directory

-v, --verbose[=false] verbose output

--verboseLog[=false] verbose logging

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