hub-pr - Man Page

Manage GitHub Pull Requests for the current repository.


hub pr list [-s STATE] [-h HEAD] [-b BASE] [-o SORT_KEY [-^]] [-f FORMAT] [-L LIMIT]
hub pr checkout PR-NUMBER [BRANCH]
hub pr show [-uc] [-f FORMAT] [-h HEAD]
hub pr show [-uc] [-f FORMAT] PR-NUMBER



List pull requests in the current repository.


Check out the head of a pull request in a new branch.

To update the pull request with new commits, use git push.


Open a pull request page in a web browser. When no PR-NUMBER is specified, HEAD is used to look up open pull requests and defaults to the current branch name. With --format, print information about the pull request instead of opening it.


-s,  --state STATE

Filter pull requests by STATE. Supported values are: "open" (default), "closed", "merged", or "all".

-h,  --head BRANCH

Show pull requests started from the specified head BRANCH. The "OWNER:BRANCH" format must be used for pull requests from forks.

-b,  --base BRANCH

Show pull requests based off the specified BRANCH.

-f,  --format FORMAT

Pretty print the list of pull requests using format FORMAT (default: "%pC%>(8)%i%Creset  %t%  l%n"). See the "PRETTY FORMATS" section of git-log(1) for some additional details on how placeholders are used in format. The available placeholders are:

%I: pull request number

%i: pull request number prefixed with "#"

%U: the URL of this pull request

%S: state ("open" or "closed")

%pS: pull request state ("open", "draft", "merged", or "closed")

%sC: set color to red or green, depending on state

%pC: set color according to pull request state

%t: title

%l: colored labels

%L: raw, comma-separated labels

%b: body

%B: base branch

%sB: base commit SHA

%H: head branch

%sH: head commit SHA

%sm: merge commit SHA

%au: login name of author

%as: comma-separated list of assignees

%rs: comma-separated list of requested reviewers

%Mn: milestone number

%Mt: milestone title

%cD: created date-only (no time of day)

%cr: created date, relative

%ct: created date, UNIX timestamp

%cI: created date, ISO 8601 format

%uD: updated date-only (no time of day)

%ur: updated date, relative

%ut: updated date, UNIX timestamp

%uI: updated date, ISO 8601 format

%mD: merged date-only (no time of day)

%mr: merged date, relative

%mt: merged date, UNIX timestamp

%mI: merged date, ISO 8601 format

%n: newline

%%: a literal %


Enable colored output even if stdout is not a terminal. WHEN can be one of "always" (default for --color), "never", or "auto" (default).

-o,  --sort KEY

Sort displayed pull requests by "created" (default), "updated", "popularity", or "long-running".

-^,  --sort-ascending

Sort by ascending dates instead of descending.

-L,  --limit LIMIT

Display only the first LIMIT pull requests.

-u,  --url

Print the pull request URL instead of opening it.

-c,  --copy

Put the pull request URL to clipboard instead of opening it.

See Also

hub-issue(1), hub-pull-request(1), hub(1)

Referenced By

hub(1), hub-issue(1).

11 Feb 2024 hub version 2.14.2 hub manual