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htags-server - Man Page

a private Web/CGI server for htags


htags-server [-b ip-address][-u language][--retry[=n]][port]


Htags-server is a private Web/CGI server for the hyper-text generated by htags(1).

In advance of using this command, you should execute htags(1). Then you can execute htags-server at the same place. You can start browsing at 'http://localhost:8000/' by default. To stop the server, just press on 'CTRL-C'.

Python 2/3 or Ruby equipped with WEBrick is required. By default, htags-server looks for python first, if not found then looks for ruby.


The following options are available:

-b,  --bind ip-address

Specifies the IP address on which htags-server listen. The default value is

-u,  --use language

Specifies language to use, which may be one of: ´python´ and ´ruby´.


If the port is already in use, retry n times with incrementing the port number. The default of n is 20.


Specifies the port on which htags-server listen. If you want to use multiple sessions, you must use unique number for each htags-server. The default value is 8000.


$ gtags
$ htags --suggest2
$ htags-server
Python2 http/cgi server
Serving HTTP on port 8000 ...

(another terminal)
$ firefox http://localhost:8000/

$ htags-server
Error: port 8000 already in use.
$ htags-server --retry
Warning: port 8000 already in use (skipped)
Please access at
Python2 http/cgi server
Serving HTTP on port 8001 ...


Htags-server exits with a non-0 value if an error occurred, 0 otherwise.

See Also

global(1), gtags(1), htags(1), python(1), ruby(1).

GNU GLOBAL source code tag system




The htags-server command appeared in GLOBAL-6.3 (2014).

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