hpsa_lsmplugin - Man Page

LibstorageMgmt HP SmartArray plugin


LibstorageMgmt hpsa plugin allows user to manage HP SmartArray via vendor tool hpssacli[1]. The 'hpsa_lsmplugin' executable file is for libStorageMgmt daemon to execute when client user specifies hpsa plugin in the URI.


To use this plugin, users should set their URI to this format:

URI parameters

These URI parameters are supported by this plugin:


The 'hpssacli' URI parameter is used to specified the path of hpssacli tool. By default, this plugin will try these paths used by hpssacli rpm: /usr/sbin/hpssacli and /opt/hp/hpssacli/bld/hpssacli.

Root Privilege

This plugin requires both lsmd daemon and API client running as root user. Please check manpage lsmd.conf (5) for detail.

Supported Hardwares

Please refer to HP website for hardware support status of hpssacli. Detailed support status can be queried via:

* lsm.Client.capabilities()  (Python API)
* lsm_capabilities()         (C API)
* lsmcli capabilities        (lsmcli command line).

Firewall Rules

This plugin only execute hpssacli on localhost. No network connection required.

See Also

lsmcli(1), lsmd(1), [1]http://downloads.linux.hpe.com/SDR/project/spp/


Please report bugs to <libstoragemgmt-devel@lists.fedorahosted.org>


Gris Ge <fge@redhat.com>

Referenced By

local_lsmplugin(1), udisks2_lsm.conf(5).

March 2015 hpsa_lsmplugin 1.9.8 libStorageMgmt