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hot-tux - Man Page

is a small graphical utility which displays the system activity in a very special way


hot-babe [options]


This manual page documents briefly the hot-babe command. hot-babe is a small graphical utility which displays the system activity in a very special way. When the CPU is idle, it displays a dressed girl, and when the activity goes up, as the temperature increases, the girl begins to undress, to finish totally naked when the system activity reaches 100%. Of course, if you can be shocked by nudity, don't use it!


As for now, hot-babe supports a few command-line options:

-h,  --help

display a small help message and exit.

-t,  --threshold n

ensure that only the first picture (totally dressed girl) as long as the system activity is below n%.

-d,  --delay

n update the display every n milliseconds.

-i,  --incremental

ponder every sample with time, the result is a somewhat smoother animation, and the cpu has to be 100% for a long time before the girl will be totally naked, and the cpu has to be at 0% for a long time for the girl to dress totally.

-N,  --noNice

Don't consider reniced processes. This is usefull if you use seti@home or distributed.net, which always eat almost all the CPU.

-n,  --nice

n Put the hot-babe process in nice n.


Directory give the directory where hot-babe must load the pictures.


Use the specified geometry (only position is supported {+|-}x{+|x}y).

-v,  --version

Show version and exit.


share/hot-babe/ ./hot-babe/

Default directory of hot-babes pictures. It can be either absolute path, relative, relative to share/hot-babe/ directory or relative to ~/.hot-babe/ directory. It contains the themes that can be used.

Note: Each pictures subdirectory must contain a file named "descr" which gives some info to the hot-babe process. The first line gives the number of pictures to use, and then the name of the pictures, one per line.

Here is an example:


User configuration file. Put any possible long option. Empty lines and whatever after a # are ignored.

Here is an example:

#threshold 30
#nice 5
#delay 100
#dir hb01
#geometry +0-0


This page has been updated by Cyprien <cyprien33@laposte.net>


December 4, 2004