hop man page

hop 3.1.0 — `a Multitier Web Development Kit'


hop [ options ] [ input ]


Hop is a development kit for diffuse (or ubiquitous) Web  applications. It contains a Web server (that is started by invoking the  hop command, a server-side native compiler, a client-side compiler,  and one server-side interpreter. The client-side compiler and the server-side interpreter are embedded inside the Web server. The native compiler is an extension of the Bigloo compiler.

The complete Hop documentation is available as a Web application.  To access it, starts the server and browse the url




Many options are available. Type `hop -help' to print them.

-p port

Selects the port the server listened connections to.


Increases verbosity.


If an input file is provided, Hop loads it at  boot-time. The purpose of this option is let end users automatically  loads programs in the server.

Configuration File

Each Hop's user can use a special configuration file named `~/.config/hoprc.hop' (or ~/Library/Preferences/hop/hoprc.hop under MacOsX). This file makes it possible to modify the  behaviour of the server. This file is a regular Hop program file. See the documentation for details.

See Also

hopsh(1), hopreplay(1), bigloo(1), bglafile(1)


Manuel SERRANO, Manuel.Serrano@inria.fr

Referenced By

hopreplay(1), hopsh(1).

Version 3.1.0