holland man page

holland — pluggable database backup agent


holland [global-options] command [command-options]


Holland provides a pluggable framework through which to perform database backups.

This framework primarily targets MySQL, but there are plans to support other database platforms such as PostgreSQL in the future

Holland supports three kinds of plugins currently:

Backup plugins
Command plugins
Library plugins

Backup plugins are used for defined backup jobs in order to perform some task. The currently available backup plugins include:

mysqlhotcopy (raw file backups for non-transactional tables)
mysql-lvm (raw file backups using LVM filesystem snasphots)
maatkit (mk-parallel-dump)

Command plugins are used to add additional commands to the holland shell. Currently available commands include:

backup - run one or more backup jobs
list-plugins - show known plugins
list-backups - show completed backup jobs
mk-config - generate a job config for a given backup plugin

Library plugins simply provide support for other plugins. Currently available library plugins include:

holland.lib.mysql - Core MySQL support
holland.lib.archive - Standardized access to multiple archive formats
holland.lib.compression - Standardized access to compression streams


Read configuration settings from <file>, if it exists.
bk --ry-run
Performs a dry run of one of more backup jobs.
--version , -V
Show this program´s version number and exit.
--help , -h
Show this help message and exit.


restore is still a manual process

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Andrew Garner <andrew.garner@rackspace.com>

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