hmmc2 - Man Page

example client for the HMMER daemon


hmmc2 [options]


Hmmc2 is a text client for the hmmpgmd or hmmpgmd_shard daemons.  When run, it opens a connection to a daemon at the specified IP address and port, and then enters an interactive loop waiting for the user to input commands to be sent to the daemon. See the User's Guide for the HMMER Daemon for a discussion of hmmpgmd's command format.


-i <IP address>

Specify the IP address of the daemon that hmmc2 should connect to.  Defaults to if not provided

-p <port number>

Specify the port number that the daemon is listening on.  Defaults to 51371 if not provided


Print the scores of any hits found during searches.


Print the alignment of any hits found during searches.  This is a superset of the "-S" flag, so providing both is redundant.

See Also

See hmmer(1) for a master man page with a list of all the individual man pages for programs in the HMMER package.

For complete documentation, see the user guide that came with your HMMER distribution (Userguide.pdf); or see the HMMER web page (



Nov 2020 HMMER 3.3.2 HMMER Manual