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hg-nbdiffweb - Man Page

A mercurial web-based differ for notebooks


usage: hg-nbdiffweb [-h] [--version] [--config]


[-b BROWSER] [--persist] [--ip IP] [-w WORKDIRECTORY] [--base-url BASE_URL] [--show-unchanged] [--identical-lines-margin IDENTICAL_LINES_MARGIN] [-s] [-o] [-a] [-m] [-i] [-d] local remote

A mercurial external differ for notebooks.

Uses nbdime to create diffs for notebooks instead of plain text diffs of JSON. See the documentation for how to correctly configure mercurial to use this.

Use with:

hg extdiff -p hg-nbdiff [<commit> [<commit>]]

positional arguments


The local modified notebook filename.


The remote modified notebook filename.


-h, --help

show this help message and exit


show program's version number and exit


list the valid config keys and their current effective values


set the log level by name.

-p, --port PORT

specify the port you want the server to run on. Default is 0 (random).

-b, --browser BROWSER

specify the browser to use, to override the system default.


prevent server shutting down on remote close request (when these would normally be supported).

--ip IP

specify the interface to listen to for the web server. NOTE: Setting this to anything other than might comprimise the security of your computer. Use with care!

-w, --workdirectory WORKDIRECTORY

specify the working directory you want the server to run from. Default is the actual cwd at program start.

--base-url BASE_URL

The base URL prefix under which to run the web app


show unchanged cells by default

--identical-lines-margin IDENTICAL_LINES_MARGIN

Margin for collapsing identical lines in editor; set to -1 to deactivate.


Set which parts of the notebook (not) to process.

-s,  --sources,  -S,  --ignore-sources

process/ignore sources.

-o,  --outputs,  -O,  --ignore-outputs

process/ignore outputs.

-a,  --attachments,  -A,  --ignore-attachments

process/ignore attachments.

-m,  --metadata,  -M,  --ignore-metadata

process/ignore metadata.

-i,  --id,  -I,  --ignore-id

process/ignore identifiers.

-d,  --details,  -D,  --ignore-details

process/ignore details not covered by other options.


June 2024 hg-nbdiffweb 4.0.1