helpdev - Man Page

manual page for helpdev v0.7.1


usage: helpdev [--hardware] [--os] [--thread] [--distributions] [--python]

[--conda] [--packages [PACKAGES]] [--packages-pip] [--packages-pip-e] [--packages-conda] [--packages-conda-e] [--qt] [--qt-bindings] [--qt-abstractions] [--numbers] [--float] [--int] [--network [NETWORK]] [--personal] [--path] [--scope] [--all] [--all-for-sure] [--report REPORT] [--help] [--version]

HelpDev - Extracts information about the Python environment easily.



CPU, memory and architecture (PEI)


Operating system (PEI)


Thread specification in the system (PEI)


All options for distributions below (PED)


Python distribution (PED)


Conda/Anaconda Python distribution (PED)

--packages [PACKAGES]

All options for packages below, except '-e' (PED). Filter PACKAGE(s) to show. Accepts regex, separator is ','


PIP installed packages + PIP check (PED)


PIP locally installed packages + PIP check (PED)


CONDA installed packages (PED)


CONDA locally installed packages (PED)


All options for Qt below (PEAD)


Available Qt bindings (PyQt/Pyside) (PEAD)


Available Qt abstractions (QtPy/Qt.Py/PyQtGraph)(PEAD)


All options for numbers below (PEI)


Float representation in the system (PEI)


Integer representation in the system (PEI)

--network [NETWORK]

Network information, DNS and load for usual sites (PEI). NETWORK timeout defaults to 5s. 0 is disabled


All options for personal information below (PEAD)


Show Python current paths i.e. 'sys.path' (PEAD)


Show Python current scope i.e. 'dir()' (PEAD)


Run all options above, except 'personal' (PEAD)


Run all options above, INCLUDING 'PERSONAL' (PEAD)

--report REPORT

Apply a custom filter from REPORT package. The filter is given by REPORT.custom_helpdev(version)

--help, ā€‰-h

Show the program's help

--version, ā€‰-v

Show the program's version


January 2024 helpdev v0.7.1