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hcxtools - Man Page


Small set of tools convert packets from WiFi captures to detect weak points within own WiFi networks by analyzing the hashes.


| hcxpcapngtool  | Provide new hashcat format 22000                                                                       |
| hcxhashtool    | Provide various filter operations on new PMKID/EAPOL hash line                                         |
| hcxpsktool     | Calculates candidates for hashcat and john based on based on hcxpcapngtool output or commandline input |
| hcxpmktool     | Calculate and verify a PSK and/or a PMK                                                                |
| hcxeiutool     | Prepare -E -I -U output of hcxpcapngtool for use by hashcat + rule or JtR + rule                       |
| hcxwltool      | Calculates candidates for hashcat and john based on mixed wordlists                                    |
| hcxhash2cap    | Converts hash file (PMKID&EAPOL, PMKID, EAPOL-hccapx, EAPOL-hccap, WPAPSK-john) to cap                 |
| wlancap2wpasec | Upload multiple (gzip compressed) pcapng, pcap and cap files to https://wpa-sec.stanev.org             |
| whoismac       | Show vendor information and/or download oui reference list                                             |


help menu (-h or --help) of each tool will list all available options


no known bugs.


ZeroBeat (https://github.com/ZerBea)


23 October 2021 1.0 hcxtools man page