hcd - Man Page

change working HFS directory


hcd [hfs-path]


hcd is used to change the notion of the "current working directory" for the current HFS volume. All subsequent HFS commands will interpret filenames relative to this directory, unless absolute pathnames are used.

If the argument pathname is omitted, hcd will change to the root of the current volume.

See Also

hfsutils(1), hpwd(1), hls(1)




Although absolute pathnames can be given to hcd, the full pathname must match the current volume; it cannot specify a path for a different volume. Use hvol or hmount to change the current volume. (Each volume has its own independent current working directory.)


Robert Leslie <rob@mars.org>

Referenced By

hfsutils(1), hls(1), hmkdir(1), hmount(1), hpwd(1).

13-Jan-1997 HFSUTILS