hardinfo2 - Man Page

System Information and Benchmark for Linux Systems.


hardinfo2 [OPTION...]


Is a system information and benchmark for Linux systems, that gathers information about the  hardware and operating system, performs benchmarks with online compare against other machines, and generates reports.


-h,  --help

Show help options

-r,  --generate-report

creates a report and prints to standard output

-f,  --report-format

chooses a report format (text, html)

-g,  --result-format

chooses a result format (short, conf, shell)

-b,  --run-benchmark

run a specific benchmark eg. -b 'FPU FFT'  (Default all benchmarks runs when generate report)

-s,  --skip-benchmark

Disables all benchmark runs.

-u,  --user-note

adds a user note to data send to server. When added eg. -u 1 synchronization is activated.

-v,  --version

shows program version and quit


examples of CLI command usage:

hardinfo2 -b 'FPU FFT'

runs only FPU FFT benchmark

hardinfo2 -u 1

enable updates at startup and starts gui (can also be set in gui)

hardinfo2 -u SBC-DK -r

updates data from server, generate CLI report and sends benchmark with user-note

hardinfo2 -r

generates CLI report


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