hangup-fcc man page



hangup-fcc [-h]
hangup-fcc [-v] <string>

where string is in this format:



hangup-fcc is an ncidd server hangup extension script which hangs up on calls where the number can be found in the FCC's open data list of "Unwanted Calls".

The blacklist is stored locally in /etc/ncid/fcc.blacklist and is typically updated daily by a cron job that calls get-fcc-list hangup-fcc to fetch the latest version from a web site.

Make sure you 'set hupmode = 1|2|3' in ncidd.conf.  The ncidd server does not call this script if the caller number or name is in ncidd.whitelist.

Server hangup extensions are only executed by the server unless testing.



show help message


turn on verbose and send additional data to STDOUT for troubleshooting


Hangup-fcc requires the fcc.blacklist file which has the list of numbers obtained from the FCC "Unwanted Calls" complaints data.

The fcc.blacklist can be kept up-to-date by adding a daily call to get-fcc-list hangup-fcc in the root user's crontab. (See the documentation for get-fcc-list for more information.)



See Also

ncidd.8, get-fcc-list.1, ncidd.whitelist.5, hangup-calls.1, hangup-closed-skel.1, hangup-skel.1