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hangup-fakenum - Man Page


hangup-fakenum [-h]
hangup-fakenum [-v] <string>

where string is in this format:
*FNMBR*<formatted number>*NTYPE*<type of device>\
*CTRY*<country code>*LOCA*<location>*CARI*<carrier>\


hangup-fakenum checks for valid North American number plan callers as described by the North Americal Numbering Plan https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_American_Numbering_Plan.

Script is not called if caller number or name is in ncidd.whitelist.

Bad callers have ncidd hangup on them.  The CannotBeCompleted.rmd recording is played before the hangup if using hupmode 3.  FAX tones are sent before the hangup if using hupmode 2.

hangup-fakenum expects 10 digit or 1+10 caller ID and has ncidd hangup on others including private callers. There is also a check for stupid caller names provided by telemarketers, such as V12345678901234 and 321-555-1212 and +1-321-555-1212

If /etc/ncid/valid-area-codes exists, hangup-fakenum has ncidd hangup on areacodes that are not valid.

Make sure you 'set hupmode = 1|2|3' in ncidd.conf. ncidd does not call this script if the caller number or name is in ncidd.whitelist.

Server hangup extensions are only executed by the server unless testing.



show help message


turn on verbose and send additional data to STDOUT for troubleshooting


Set hupname to the name of this script ncidd.conf.
Set hupmode to 1, 2 or 3 in ncidd.conf.
Set huprmd to a unique voice file in ncidd.conf, if hupmode set to 3.



See Also

ncidd(8), ncidd.whitelist(5), get-areacodes-list(1) hangup-calls(1), hangup-closed-skel(1), hangup-skel(1)

Referenced By

get-areacodes-list(1), hangup-combo(1), hangup-nohangup(1), ncid_extensions(7).

2022-11-8 NCID