hangup-combo-skel - Man Page




Hangup-combo-skel is a template for calling two extension scripts.

Your script name should be the same name without -skel. Script names use the format: hangup-<name>

Script is not called if caller number or name is in ncidd.whitelist.

After copying hangup-combo-skel to hangup-combo, You can use it without any changes.  If you want to change the extensions called, you need to change the following line:

EXTLIST="hangup-fakenum hangup-fcc"

By default hangup-combo calls hangup-fakenum and hangup-fcc.


Set hupname to the name of this script ncidd.conf.
Set hupmode to 1, 2 or 3 in ncidd.conf.
Set huprmd to a unique voice file in ncidd.conf, if hupmode set to 3.



See Also

ncidd(8), ncidd.whitelist(5), hangup-calls(1), hangup-fakenum(1),
hangup-fcc(1), hangup-skel(1), hangup-closed-skel(1),

Referenced By

hangup-calls(1), hangup-closed-skel(1), hangup-message-skel(1), hangup-nohangup(1), hangup-skel(1), ncid_extensions(7).

2021-05-11 NCID