hangup-closed-skel - Man Page


hangup-closed-skel [-h]
hangup-closed-skel [-v] <string>

where string is in this format:



Hangup-closed-skel is a template for hanging up on callers within a specified time peroid. Your script name should be the same name without -skel. Script names use the format: hangup-<name>

The example below assumes you have copied hangup-closed-skel to hangup-closed for your customized version of hangup-closed-skel.

Change the start and end times to whatever is needed in hangup-closed. Record your message for hangup-closed.  Call it closed.rmd and place it in /usr/share/ncid/recordings.

Server hangup extensions are only executed by the server unless testing.

Execute your custom hangup-closed in a terminal window by itself for testing. Only fields used in the script are needed for the input string. To test your custom hangup-closed script with a number:

/usr/share/ncid/extensions/hangup-closed -v "*NMBR*4075551212*"



show help message


turn on verbose and send additional data to STDOUT for troubleshooting



See Also

ncidd(8), ncidd.whitelist(5), hangup-calls(1), hangup-message-skel(1), hangup-skel(1), hangup-combo-skel(1), hangup-nohangup(1)

Referenced By

hangup-calls(1), hangup-combo-skel(1), hangup-fakenum(1), hangup-fcc(1), hangup-message-skel(1), hangup-nohangup(1), hangup-skel(1), ncid_extensions(7).

2019-08-17 NCID