hadd man page

hadd — Merge ROOT histogram files into one file


hadd outputfile inputfiles ...


This program will add histograms from a list of ROOT files and write them to a target ROOT file. The target file is newly created and must not be identical to one of the source files.

See Also


For extensive documentation on the ROOT system, see http://root.cern.ch

A Users Guide is available from here.

The classes of ROOT are all documented by the automatic documentation system, and is available online.

Original Authors

Sven A. Schmidt sven.schmidt@cern.ch, Dirk Geppert, and Rene Brun Rene.Brun@cern.ch


This manual page was written by Christian Holm Christensen <cholm@nbi.dk>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).


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