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h5repart - Man Page

Repartitions a file or family of files.


h5repart [-v] [-V] [-[b|m]N[g|m|k]] source_file dest_file


h5repart splits a single file into a family of files, joins a family of files into a single file, or copies one family of files to another while changing the size of the family members. h5repart can also be used to copy a single file to a single file with holes.

Sizes associated with the -b and -m options may be suffixed with g for gigabytes, m for megabytes, or k for kilobytes.

File family names include an integer printf format such as %d.



Produce verbose output.


Print a version number and exit.


The I/O block size, defaults to 1kB


The destination member size or 1GB


The name of the source file


The name of the destination files

See Also

h5dump(1), h5ls(1), h5diff(1), h5import(1), gif2h5(1), h52gif(1), h5perf(1)

Referenced By

gif2h5(1), h52gif(1), h5diff(1), h5dump(1), h5import(1), h5ls(1), h5repack(1).