h5redeploy man page

h5redeploy — Updates HDF5 compiler tools after an HDF5 software installation in a new location.


h5redeploy [help | -help]

h5redeploy [-echo] [-force] [-prefix=dir] [-tool=tool] [-show]


h5redeploy updates the HDF5 compiler tools after the HDF5 software has been installed in a new location.


help, -help
Prints a help message.
Shows all the shell commands executed.
Performs the requested action without offerring any prompt requesting confirmation.
Specifies a new directory in which to find the HDF5 subdirectories lib/ and include/. (Default: current working directory)
Specifies the tool to update. tool must be in the current directory and must be writable. (Default: h5cc)
Shows all of the shell commands to be executed without actually executing them.