h5fc - Man Page

Reports statistics regarding an HDF5 file and the objects in the file.


usage: h5fc [OPTIONS] <compile line>



This help message.


Show all the shell commands executed


Prefix directory to find HDF5 lib/ and include/

subdirectories [default: /usr]


Show the commands without executing them


Show the HDF5 library configuration summary


Compile with shared HDF5 libraries


Compile with static HDF5 libraries [default]

<compile line>

- the normal compile line options for your compiler.

h5fc uses the same compiler you used to compile HDF5. Check with your compiler's man pages for more information on which options are needed.

You can override the compiler and linker to compile your program by setting the following environment variables accordingly:


-  use a different Fortran 90 or 95 compiler


-  use a different linker


-  use shared or static version of the HDF5 library

[default: no]

You can also add or change paths and flags to the compile line using the following environment varibles or by assigning them to their counterparts in the 'Things You Can Modify to Override...' section of h5fc


Current value to be replaced







Note that adding library paths to HDF5_LDFLAGS where another hdf5 version is located may link your program with that other hdf5 library version.

See Also

The full documentation for Fortran is maintained as a Texinfo manual.  If the info and Fortran programs are properly installed at your site, the command

info Fortran

should give you access to the complete manual.

Referenced By

h5c++(1), h5cc(1).

August 2011 Fortran (Debian 4.6.1-4) 4.6.1