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gzserver - Man Page

Run the Gazebo server.


gzserver options world_file


Gazebo server runs simulation and handles commandline options, starts a Master, runs World update and sensor generation loops.


-v,  --version

Output version information.


Increase the messages written to the terminal.

-h,  --help

Produce this help message.

-u,  --pause

Start the server in a paused state.

-e,  --physics arg

Specify a physics engine (ode|bullet|dart|simbody).

-p,  --play arg

Play a log file.

-r,  --record

Record state data.

--record_encoding arg (=zlib)

Compression encoding format for log data (zlib|bz2|txt).

--record_path arg

Absolute path in which to store state data

--record_period arg (=-1)

Recording period (seconds).

--record_filter arg

Recording filter (supports wildcard and regular expression).


Recording with model meshes and materials.

--seed arg

Start with a given random number seed.

--iters arg

Number of iterations to simulate.


Reduce the TCP/IP traffic output by gzserver

-s,  --server-plugin arg

Load a plugin.

-o,  --profile arg

Physics preset profile name from the options in the world file.


Open Source Robotics Foundation


May 2024