gtk4-node-editor - Man Page


gtk4-node-editor ā€” Editor render nodes

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Editor render nodes


gtk4-node-editor [OPTIONS...] [FILE]


gtk4-node-editor is a utility to show and edit render node files. Such render node files can be obtained e.g. from the GTK inspector or as part of the testsuite in the GTK sources.

gtk4-node-editor is used by GTK developers for debugging and testing, and it has built-in support for saving testcases as part of the GTK testsuite.


-h, ā€‰--help

Show the application help.


Show the program version.


Don't restore autosaved content and remove autosave files.



can be set to point to the location where the GTK sources reside, so that testcases can be saved to the right location. If unsed, gtk4-node-editor` checks if the current working directory looks like a GTK checkout, and failing that, saves testcase in the the current working directory.