gtk-builder-convert man page

gtk-builder-convert — Glade file conversion utility


gtk-builder-convert [--skip-windows] [--target-version version] [--root name] {input} {output}


gtk-builder-convert converts glade files into XML files which can be loaded with GtkBuilder.

It expects the name of a glade file as the first argument, and writes its output the file specified as the second argument.


--skip-windows, -w
Convert everything but GtkWindow subclasses.
--target-version, -t
Some widgets and properties are different between GTK+ versions 2.0 and 3.0, so this option allows to set the desired GTK+ target version.
--root, -r
Convert only the widget named name and its children.


Toolbars are not handled.

Support for accessibility is not yet implemented.

The script requires a python interpreter to run.


09/15/2016 [FIXME: source] [FIXME: manual]