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gtester - Man Page

test running utility


gtester [OPTION…] test-program


gtester is a utility to run unit tests that have been written using the GLib test framework.

Since GLib 2.62, gtester-report is deprecated. Use TAP for reporting test results instead, and feed it to the test harness provided by your build system.

When called with the -o option, gtester writes an XML report of the test results, which can be converted into HTML using the gtester-report utility.


-h,  --help

Print help and exit.

-v,  --verbose

Print version information and exit.


Make warnings fatal.

-k,  --keep-going

Continue running after tests failed.


List paths of available test cases.


Run test cases in MODE, which can be one of:

  • perf

    Run performance tests.

  • slow, thorough

    Run slow tests, or repeat non-deterministic tests more often.

  • quick

    Do not run slow or performance tests, or do extra repeats of non-deterministic tests (default).

  • undefined

    Run test cases that deliberately provoke checks or assertion failures, if implemented (default).

  • no-undefined

    Do not run test cases that deliberately provoke checks or assertion failures.


Only run test cases matching TEST-PATH.


Skip test cases matching TEST-PATH.


Run all test cases with random number seed SEED-STRING.


Write the test log to LOG-FILE.

-q,  --quiet

Suppress per-test-binary output.


Report success per testcase.

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